Steel Tube Descriptions

26 Sep,2023

Steel pipe according to the production method can be divided into two categories: seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe, welded steel pipe referred to as welded pipe.

  1. According to the production method, seamless steel pipe can be divided into hot rolled seamless pipe, cold drawn pipe, precision steel pipe, hot expansion pipe, cold spinning pipe and extrusion pipe, etc.

Connection type classification

Steel pipe according to the pipe end connection can be divided into: light pipe (pipe end without thread) and car wire pipe (pipe end with thread).

Car wire tube is divided into: ordinary car wire tube and tube end thickened car wire tube.

The thickened car wire tube can also be divided into: external thickening (with external thread), internal thickening (with internal thread) and internal and external thickening (with internal and external thread) and other car wire tubes.

According to the thread type, the car wire tube can also be divided into: ordinary cylindrical or conical thread and special thread.

In addition, according to the needs of users, car wire tubes are generally equipped with pipe joints for delivery.

Classification of coating features

According to the surface coating characteristics of steel pipe can be divided into: black pipe (not coated) and coated pipe.

There are galvanized pipe, aluminized pipe, chromeplated pipe, aluminized pipe and other alloy layer steel pipe.

The coated tubes have outer coated tubes, inner coated tubes, and inner and outer coated tubes. Commonly used coatings are plastics, epoxy resins, coal tar epoxy resins and various glass type anti-corrosion coatings.

Galvanized pipe is divided into: KBG pipe, JDG pipe, threaded pipe, etc.

Classification Purpose Classification

1. Pipe for pipes. Such as: water, gas pipe, steam pipe with seamless pipe, oil transmission pipe, oil and gas trunk pipe. Agricultural irrigation taps with pipes and sprinkler irrigation pipes.

2. Pipes for thermal equipment. Such as the general boiler with boiling water pipe, superheated steam pipe, locomotive boiler with superheated pipe, smoke pipe, small smoke pipe, arch brick pipe and high temperature and high pressure boiler tube.

3. Pipes for mechanical industry. Such as aviation structure tube (round tube, elliptical tube, flat elliptical tube), automobile half shaft tube, axle tube, automobile tractor structure tube, tractor oil cooler tube, agricultural machinery with square tube and rectangular tube, transformer tube and bearing tube, etc.

4. Pipe for petroleum geological drilling. Such as: oil drilling pipe, oil drill pipe (kelly and hexagonal drill pipe), drill shank, oil pipe, oil casing and various pipe joints, geological drilling pipe (core pipe, casing, active drill pipe, drill shank, press the hoop and pin joints, etc.).

5. Pipes for chemical industry. Such as: petroleum cracking pipe, chemical equipment heat exchanger and pipe, stainless acid-resistant pipe, chemical fertilizer high-pressure pipe and conveying chemical medium pipe, etc.

6. Other departments use management. Such as: container tube (high-pressure gas cylinder tube and general container tube), instrument instrument tube, hand watch case tube, injection needle and its medical equipment with tube, etc.

Section shape classification

Steel products and varieties of steel specifications are very wide, and its performance requirements are also various. All these should be distinguished as user requirements or working conditions change. Generally, steel pipe products are classified by section shape, production method, pipe material, connection method, coating characteristics and use.

Steel pipe according to the cross-sectional shape can be divided into: round steel pipe and special-shaped steel pipe.

Special-shaped steel pipe refers to a variety of non-circular annular section of steel pipe.

The main ones are:

Square tube,

Rectangular tube,

Oval tube,

Flat elliptical tube,

Semicircular tube,

Hexagonal tube,

Hexagonal inner tube,

Scalene hexagonal tube,

Equilateral triangular tube,

Five corners plum tube,

Octagonal tube,

Convex tube,

Double convex tube,

Double concave tube,

Multi-concave tube,

Melon seed shaped tube,

Flat tube,

Diamond tube,

Star shaped tube,

Parallelogram tube,

Ribbed tube,

Drop shaped tube,

Inner finned tube,

Twisted tube,

Type B tube,

D-type tube and multi-layer tube.

According to the shape of the longitudinal section, the steel pipe is divided into constant section steel pipe and variable section steel pipe. The variable section (or variable section) steel pipe refers to the steel pipe whose section shape, inner and outer diameter and wall thickness change periodically or non-periodically along the direction of the pipe length. It mainly includes: outer conical pipe, inner conical pipe, outer step pipe, inner step pipe, periodic section pipe, bellow pipe, spiral pipe, steel pipe with heat sink and gun barrel with compound line, etc.

Seamless steel pipe with high quality carbon steel or alloy steel, hot rolling, cold rolling (drawn) points.

2. Welded steel pipe is divided into furnace welded pipe, electric welding (resistance welding) pipe and automatic arc welded pipe because of its different welding form is divided into straight seam welded pipe and spiral welded pipe two kinds, because of its end shape is divided into round welded pipe and special (square, flat, etc.) welded pipe.

Welded steel pipe is made of coiled tubular steel plate welded by the seam or spiral seam. In the manufacturing method, it is divided into welded steel pipe for low pressure fluid transportation, welded steel pipe with spiral seam, welded steel pipe with direct coil, welded pipe, etc. Seamless steel pipe can be used in various industries of liquid pressure pipelines and gas pipelines. Welding pipe can be used for water pipe, gas pipe, heating pipe, electrical pipe, etc.

Material classification

Steel pipe according to the tube material (namely steel) can be divided into: carbon pipe and alloy pipe, stainless steel pipe.

Carbon pipe can be divided into ordinary carbon steel pipe and high quality carbon structure pipe.

Alloy tube can be divided into: low alloy tube, alloy structure tube, high alloy tube, high strength tube. Bearing tube, heat and acid resistant stainless tube, precision alloy (such as Keva alloy) tube and high temperature alloy tube, etc.